Download a copy of all the featured speakers & sessions here: Featured Speakers

Randal Rauser – Topic: Rethinking Evangelical – A Journey in Two Parts

     “Randal Rauser is a systematic and analytic theologian of evangelical persuasion. He is driven by apologetic concerns and above all by the tireless pursuit of truth.”

Kim Franklin – Topic: A Pedagogy of Stillness and Contemplative Children’s Literature

     “Spirituality and education, contemplative practices/inquiry and education, spiritual formation, virtue/morals/ethics and teacher education, teacher education, teacher identity and reflective practice, curriculum theory and development, literacy, assessment for learning.”                                            source – (

Paul Chamberlain – Topic:  Moral Relativism

” Dr. Chamberlain holds a Master of Divinity from Trinity International University (1981) and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Marquette University (1990). He has authored four books including Can We Be Good Without God and Why People Don’t Believe, and published numerous articles in the fields of apologetics, ethics, and philosophy of religion.”                                                    source – (

Randy Carter – Topic:  Getting Inside the Head of Generation Z

To build a community of belonging at home or school we need to understand how this generation is wired and the culture they are swimming in.


Debbie Mohamed & Panel – Topic:  Immigration and Schools


Tom Rudmik – Topic: Becoming Imaginal and Transforming Education with Profound Learning, the how and what of transformation

He speaks globally on transforming education.  He has also written a book on “Becoming Imaginal.”  Through his website below, the committee can learn more about the ‘profound learning’ model. Tom is also working with another Christian school in the lower mainland.   They have designed a digital learning platform that fits well with the new BC”

Paula Bath, Ruth Blois, Carol Skolsky & Joy Stonely – Topic: Special Education


Miriam Trehearne – Topic – Early Literacy

“Miriam Trehearne has been a classroom teacher, resource teacher, Program Specialist (exceptional needs students) Literacy Coach, Literacy Specialist and University Associate. Miriam’s passion is effective and engaging literacy teaching and learning for all students.”                                                                  Source (

Safer Schools Together – Topic – Bullying Prevention and Ensuring Safe School Communities

     Safer Schools Together has a proven track record of creating and delivering professional development training related to the importance of school culture and climate, social media awareness as well as recently developing and implementing “Cyberbullying Training” for justice system personnel for the Department of Justice Canada

James Denby and Robin Ulster, Idea Driven Education – Topic – Coding and Design and Computational Thinking
There have never been more tools available for people to become creators and makers yet most of us spend our time consuming media. We seek to make the principles of design and the power of code accessible to teachers and students so that more of us can take a more active role in shaping the digital and physical tools that we use every day.  You don’t have to be an expert to teach the essential concepts of coding and computer science. In fact, sometimes you don’t even need a computer.

Jeffery Overstreet – Topic – Loving Your Neighbor at the Movies

Open up students’ imaginations and teach them to see the world in new ways


Dr. Gwen Point

     Over 30 years of experience in teaching about First Nation/Aboriginal Education. Teachers will have an opportunity to learn first-hand teaching strategies and access to resources

Lillian & Chief Harvey Underwood

How can independent schools connect with and embrace First Nations

Greg Gerber (SCSBC) and Adrienne Castellon – Topic: Constructs, conditions, and nurturing of Critical Thinking

Adrienne Castellon – Topic:  Designing education to nurture leadership in women and Anxiety in the classroom

Nate Searle – Topic – Thriving Through Anxiety and Brokenness and Anxiety in our Students 

     Nate Searle (MSc BCBA) is a local Behaviour Analyst who provides workshops on anxiety, autism and other subjects. He has many years of experience working with children and youth with various levels of ability