The Featured Speakers for 2018 are confirmed!

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Speaker Subject and Strand
John Stackhouse How Christian Teachers Can Change the World—and Shouldn’t Try To

Strand: Curriculum & Pedagogy

Ed Noot SOGI and the Gospel

Strand: Culture & Community

Dr. Martina Scholtens Your Heart is the Size of Your Fist: A Doctor Reflects on 10 Years at a Refugee Clinic

Strand: Overrated

PBL Collaborative Team (from Abbotsford Christian) Rigor or Rote? Transfer or Transform? Breadth or Depth? Knowledge or Wisdom?

PBL Elementary Examples in Progress

PBL Middle School Examples in Progress

PBL Secondary Examples in Practice

Strand: Curriculum & Pedagogy

Adrienne Castellon and Patty Victor Indigenous Worldview in the Christian School

Strand: Curriculum & Pedagogy

Shannon Thiessen Anxiety in Children and Youth

Emotional Regulation

Mindfulness in the Classroom

Strand: Healthy Living and Mental Health