Our lineup of Featured Speakers this year promises to provide us with some inspiring and empowering messages on teaching and learning in our schools and communities.

Carole Fullerton on Mathematical Thinking – https://mindfull.wordpress.com/

Lara Ragpot, Registered Educational Psychologist – Childhood cognitive development and language acquisition

Doug Atha, TWU – Strategic Leadership for Educators

Megan Van Diermen, A Child’s Song – Trauma Informed Practice http://www.achildssong.ca/

Mark Charles – Keynote follow-up and breakout sessions https://wirelesshogan.com/

Mark Buchanan – Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath https://markbuchanan.net/

Cheryl Bear – First Nations Story, Song, and Ceremony https://cherylbear.com/

Adrienne Castellon, TWU – Leadership for Gender Equity http://www.adriennecastellon.com/

Jalene Davies, Child & Youth Mental Health Therapist – Social Emotional Learning


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