InspirED is the rebranding of our historical CTABC/NWCSI Teachers Convention.  InspirED was launched for the 2016 Convention.  It is our hope that this new name will capture the 40+ years of our rich history. 

Prior to our regular joint teachers convention – CTABC/NWCSI – teachers conventions were being held among the Washington schools beginning in 1945. The chart below is as accurate as our current records permit. We would appreciate any additions or corrections. Please send them to

Following are remembrances from an early convention attendee:

Don Kok (retired Superintendent from Lynden Christian School) contacted Bernie Koops who was an administrator at LC in the 40’s and early 50’s. He is almost 100 years old, and his memory is absolutely amazing – as you can see below:

Regarding teachers/ conferences as best I remember:

Early in my time in Lynden as administrator (before WWII) we attended public school meetings in Bellingham.  We found these to be a waste of time.  At these sessions there were often discussions of money, such as teachers’ salaries, and sometimes of legislation regarding school funding.  After the war we arranged with National Union of Christian Schools (NUCS), the predecessor of Christian Schools International, and Calvin College for speakers to come for two-day teachers/conferences.  These “wise men from the east,” were usually professors from Calvin.  Sometimes they gave a public lecture in the evening.

Speakers I remember were Dr. John DeBeer from Calvin’s Education Department, Drs. Van Bruggen, Wolthuis, and Meeter.  Mark Fakkema of NUCS also came and spoke.  Speakers addressed topics from their particular fields, Wolthuis on science, Meeter on Bible, Van Bruggen and DeBeer on education.

These gatherings were called Christian School Teachers Conference of the Pacific Northwest.  The location was usually Lynden, but I remember driving Dr. DeBeer to Sunnyside and another time going to Everett.  Member schools were Lynden Christian, Ebenezer, Everett, and Sunnyside.  I believe these teacher conferences were still being held when I left Lynden in 1955.

Usually a picture of the entire group was taken, and sometimes we had a banquet.  I remember particularly remember the banquet in Sunnyside where the tables were loaded with the hugest imaginable bunches of grapes and the largest apples I have ever seen.  I suppose lodging, in homes, in Sunnyside may have been a problem.  But I recall that many of our teachers lodged with acquaintances and had a very good time.

Yours truly, 

Bernie Koops